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CESSNA 172 G1000

CESSNA 206 large clamshell rear door serving the back two rows of seats, allowing easy loading of over-sized cargo.

Cessna 172 SP G1000 Glass Cockpit

FAA Private Pilot $7,000

Instrument Pilot $6,000

CFI Initial Ground $2,000

Piper PA-28 IFR $125 hr.

CAT IV AATD Sim $60 hr.

Training services we provide:
Sport Pilot Training - SP LSA

Private Pilot Training - PPL
Instrument Rating Training - IR
Commercial Pilot Training - CPL SE & ME
Biennial Flight Review - BFR
Initial Flight Instructor Airplane - CFI
Instrument Flight Instructor - CFI-I
Multi Engine Flight Instructor - MEI

Instrument Refresher Course - IRC
Instrument Proficiency Check - IPC

AOPA Air Safety Foundation

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